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Senator Hiram L. Fong

First Asian American elected to the U.S. Senate

Welcome to the SENATOR HIRAM L. FONG Website

This site is dedicated to the many accomplishments of Hiram L. Fong, familyman, businessman, and statesman.

Hiram Fong combined the American dream with the realities of business and politics. The seventh of eleven children born to Chinese immigrants, he worked his way through school, graduating from Harvard Law, and became the first Asian American to serve in the U.S. Senate (1959 - 1977). He was also the first Asian American presidential candidate (1964). He is still the only republican to have represented Hawaii in the Senate.

He came from the streets of Kalihi, studied law at Harvard and served the territory of Hawaii in its legislature and the State of Hawaii in its nation’s capital.  From the sidewalks of an island city to the Senate of the United States, he wove a plain-speaking wisdom for life that guided him to success in finance and leadership in government.

Hiram Fong's family was important to his life; Ellyn and his children- Hiram Jr., Rodney, Marvin, and Merie-Ellen, reflected his love of Hawaii, its nature and the wonder of its people. Relatives, friends, business and political colleagues will remember his personal generosity, his concern for the vital interests of Hawaii, his approachable easy humor and his good sense throughout a long, rewarding life.


August 11, 2018

Former Hawaii governor John Waihee calls Senator Hiram L. Fong a "hero".

December 5, 2006

McKinley High School dedicates their business building in Senator Hiram L. Fong’s memory, Honolulu, Hawaii.

August 18, 2006

The U.S. Postal Service dedicates the Kapalama Station as the Hiram L. Fong Post Office Building.

November 2005

Senator Hiram L. Fong is included in Honolulu's 100 most influential citizens of the past century. http://www.honolulumagazine.com/archives/HON100/1105_100_31-40.html

This site was created by the family and friends of Senator Hiram L. Fong

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Last updated January 11, 2007